Hi guys! I’ve decided to open up  ☆≡commissions≡☆ - This would help me out with living expenses and drawing you nice things, so please read on if you’re interested:

What I’m offering:

simple colour and basic shading (see examples above) , simple or flat (or transparent!) background

full body = 35$ / half body/waist up = 30$

+15$ per extra character in both cases.

I’ll kindly refuse any subjects I don’t feel comfortable enough drawing.

Payment by Paypal only. E-mail for contact and further info: Leftrightsenter@gmail.com

Limited to five slots for now. Thank you!

10kkun asked: did you know i've admired you art for a good 9 months or so I REALLY LIKE EVERYTHING YOU DO I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE AND HOW SMOOTH AND ALIVE EVERYTHING IS

uwufkdkjadskjads thank you so much!! i’m really happy someone so sweet with such cool art likes my stuff ;;;

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haikyuu sketches dump

i found that last one on my phone and i’m still laughing


My graduation film. Enjoy :D

my favourite Rinbear made a film! It’s great and you should watch it.

movie (etc) recs please?

i recently finished my big project and now i’m tired and bored, so i’d like some recommendations for things to watch!! any genre or year is fine as long as it’s something you love, and you can assume i’ve never seen it because i barely watch movies at all… so, i’d really like to catch up.

also accepting shows, books, comics, albums, games (that can run on an old pc) etc. etc. thank you~

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for anyone special in your life

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try to teach me a lesson i’ll keep, i’ll keep you guessing

dnA 1st years dump ok ok 


Ushiko, a longtime Ghibli resident. 

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