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summer instagram roundup. the theme this year was “outside its hot, but inside the human heart is cold as ever”

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girls on a fantasy adventure

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princess bubblegum print

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mostly finished oddball duo print! livestream v. good for motivation.

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calm down

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i’ve been slowly catching up with the latest seasons of my fav anime. and sketching a lot.

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life is a daydream-

more possible prints. I have an obsession with a free! water world au, this might be related

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Hi guys! I’ve decided to open up  ☆≡commissions≡☆ - This would help me out with living expenses and drawing you nice things, so please read on if you’re interested:

What I’m offering:

simple colour and basic shading (see examples above) , simple or flat (or transparent!) background

full body = 35$ / half body/waist up = 30$

+15$ per extra character in both cases.

I’ll kindly refuse any subjects I don’t feel comfortable enough drawing.

Payment by Paypal only. E-mail for contact and further info:

Limited to five slots for now. Thank you!

Jul 24 2014 23:55 3 notes

did you know i've admired you art for a good 9 months or so I REALLY LIKE EVERYTHING YOU DO I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE AND HOW SMOOTH AND ALIVE EVERYTHING IS

uwufkdkjadskjads thank you so much!! i’m really happy someone so sweet with such cool art likes my stuff ;;;